Poker on live22 auto : A Game Of Luck and Probability

Poker on live22 auto : A Game Of Luck and Probability

Poker is a card game involving betting over the most likely to win hand. Game is based on the probability and luck. A long run player, most of the time, has better guessing abilities through experience. It is believed that poker is a descendant of a Persian game known as “As Nas”, played in the 16th century.

Why is poker so popular?

  • Firstly, in order to play efficiently, you need keen attention, as well as a previous experience of the game. As poker is mostly based on probability and luck, many players are curious to test their luck and hence the influence spreads. Though, the winning odds are very less.
  • Secondly, betting in the game results either in increase or decrease of your money. Most of the people play because they hear only about others’ winnings. And, to gain more money, you end up betting multiple times, even if you are losing. This game often turns wealthy to beggars and vice-versa.
  • Thirdly, people who want to increase their observation power, quick decision-making or either gain experience, also tend to play.
  • Lastly, while betting or playing, you encounter new individuals or even groups, which can increase your social contact.

Computer poker

Online/Computer poker.

In the modern world, every game has found its place online on, either on the website like live22 auto or as apps. Online card games were developed way before any other games. Its online presence came into existence in the year 1998. Players have to play by staking real time money in the bet.

Online form was later widely accepted by people, who were either unable to afford to go to casinos or were well aware of the reckless gambling. Moreover, cheating in the online form was very difficult and was greatly advantageous to inexperienced people.

Furthermore, there is no need of a specific place or a time to play. It can be played wherever and whenever you want. You can either play solo one on one, multiplayer or against computer. Playing against a computer does not affect your invested money.

It is worth reading the terms and conditions of the website or app before filling up the financial or personal details as there might be chances of the site being a scam or fraudulent.


To add up, poker is a card game that involves betting over a hand that a player think would win. A Persian game “As Nas” played in the early 16th is the ascendant of poker. It can be played online or offline.