Live bets: what they are and how they work

Live bets: what they are and how they work

In-play bets, also known as live bets, are one of the most popular types of bets, whose popularity continues to grow year after year.

Live betting allows you to fully experience the thrill of sport, as you can choose from hundreds of different types of bets to place on various disciplines as events unfold. This gives you total control of your bets when you want to place them, as well as the best opportunity to make the most of the odds that suit you best live cricket rates.

How do live bets work ? In this guide you will discover the differences between classic bets and in-play bets, the advantages deriving from an excellent knowledge of this type of bet and how the live streaming service can provide you with further help when you have to decide which bet to place.

What are live bets and how do they work?

In recent years, Unibet TV’s live sports streams have revolutionized the world of online betting, as well as making live betting the pinnacle of the industry.

With Unibet, you can follow live streaming and bet on thousands of sporting events that take place every year. We offer our services for football, basketball, hockey, tennis and many other sports.

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Watch live matches and place in-play bets via smartphone, computer or tablet. You can also download and install our Unibet application to promptly view the tardiest odds, and also emerge live cascades. Unibet TV live streams are available to our users who are logged in and have money in their Unibet account. In case you don’t have any money in your account, you will however be eligible to see our live cascades if you have positioned a bet in the recent 24 hours. Many of the most important matches also have live commentary, so you’ll always know exactly what’s going on!

Difference between online betting and live betting

Live bets actually represent an evolution of traditional bets, but are positioned while live sporting tournaments. Most types of bets, such as those on goalscorers, match outcomes and total junctures, are also effective during live wagering.

The major distinction between traditional bets and live wagers, nonetheless, yarns in the evidence that the probability of the latter can alter very rapidly during the tournaments. And that means you can remake your sense about wagering while sporting tournaments, thus agreeing to bet on several teams, players.