Explore gourds, crab, fish through online Gaming

Playing games online is one of the best leisure activities that people enjoy. It allows you to win at exciting prices. There are a lot of games available to choose from depending on your skills and needs. If there is a game to play with less effort, then gourds, crab, fish is recommended.

What is gourds, crab, fish? 

 – is an online betting game that is played with a high payout rate. There are many multipliers in this game. Some sites let you play with no deposit and no withdrawal conditions. It was developed to be played on smartphones.

How to play gourds, crab fish? 

 -are played like dice in everything. There are 3 dice to be used with the gourd symbol, crab, fish, tiger, shrimp, and chicken. These dice are shaken to form different patterns. Each face of the dice represents an image instead of points.

During the betting period, the dealer the cover device with the side on it. The officer will open the cover once the dice stop moving. If all three dice are the same as the player bet, then the payout is set.

The symbols on all 6 sides of the dice are illustrated by numbers (1-6). Each color is represented by 3 colors: red/ green/ blue as follows:

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  • Fish= red, 1 point
  • Shrimp= green, 2 points
  • Gourds= blue, 3 points
  • Tiger= blue, 4 points
  • Crab= green, 5 points
  • Chicken= red, 6 points

Here are the betting types of Gourds, crabs, fish, and payout rates:

  1. Teng bet: To bet on any symbol, for example, ‘Fish’ if the dice are thrown and come out 1 ‘Fish’ the payout rate is 1 times. It depends on how many dice come out with the same symbol as your bet.
  2. Stabbed dual 2 A: two types of double bet, bet that there is ‘Chicken’ with the ‘Tiger’. When the dice are rolled, and 3 dice are ‘Chicken’ and ‘Tiger’, 5 times is the payout rate.
  3. Over/ Under: bet the sum of all 3 dice, the payout rate is 1 times.
  4. Even/ Odd bet: to bet on the sum of all 3, whether there will be a total point, even or odd. The payout rate is 1 times.
  5. Double ball: is a kind of symbolic bet. Bet that there is ‘Crab’ if the result of the dice is double ‘Crab’, at least 2/3 of the dice. The payout is 8 times.
  6. Color bet: to bet on what color the dice will appear.

Bet One color- if the dice match one color, the payout rate is 1 times

 Bet Two colors- if the dice must match exactly 2 colors, the payout rate is 3 times

Bet on Any color- if the dice must match exactly 3 colors, the payout rate is 7 times.

  1. High-low bet: bet on the sum of all 3 dice, which has the total points of 4-10= low, total points of 11-17= high, the payout rate is 1 times.
  2. Total bet: bet that the dice match the same symbol, all the 3 balls, any symbol. The payout rate is 24 times.
  3. Bet Teng total points: bet the sum of all 3 dice between 4-17, choose to bet one number. The payout rate is 4-50 times.

10 Bet Tong: bet that the dice match the same symbol for all 3 balls. The payout rate is 150 times.

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